Tim and Jan Murphy

Tim and Jan Murphy

Your home is the center of your world. All of who you are, your physical, emotional, intellectual and creative self; your family and social relationships; your vocation and, of course, your finances all become integrated and entwined with that physical place you call, “Home.”

We are a team of husband and wife REALTORS®, who are passionate about helping others and are experienced in helping others see themselves as whole, integrated people and make important decisions from that crucial perspective. Thirteen-year Virginia residents, we have established our own homes in four different communities in all three Northern Virginia counties closest to Washington, DC.

We are particularly passionate about helping US military members and government workers moving in or out of Northern Virginia. My husband’s career required us to move in and out of Virginia three times, and I’ve established homes in several communities of Virginia, both north and south. I’ve also taught in three different Virginia schools. I love engaging with and knowing at depth the communities where we live.

We would be delighted to help you find the home in Northern Virginia that perfectly fits the unique you.

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